A unique service: a robust, over-arching foundational principle combined with expert facilitation services to help companies and individuals journey to their desired results.

Primarily our workshops are centred on an immensely beneficial understanding of self-organising systems (SOS).

Every aspect of our lives is both affecting, and being affected by various self-organising systems.

A self-organising systems (SOS) perspective is the simplest 1 and most powerful 2 model for understanding human behaviour, and achieving results.

A business is a self-organising system — the CEO, executive team, employees, and all stakeholders interact, and variously (beneficially or adversely) combine to produce the resulting business.

A community is a self-organising system, even for those who do not actively participate in the decisions made by that community (e.g. by the local council).

A family is a self-organising system. Even so-called “dysfunctional” families are self-organising (despite doing so in less harmonious or less ‘functional’ ways).

Our bodies are self-organising systems. Nature (all eco-systems) is a self-organising system.

Where our work is unique is in clarifying and demonstrating the dynamics of those systems, including (but not limited to) how key quantum physics principles affect every system. With an SOS (Self-Organising Systems) perspective everything begins to fit together like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

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